List of 10 Best Massage Chairs

Nowadays, our lives are fast paced and we hardly find time to take a moment of relief and relax ourselves. However, the best way to overcome this situation it to have a good massage chair at home that can provide relief to your mind and body from all day’s long stress and tension. Not only they help to ease the anxiety and stress but also deliver a professional massage that feels even better than the one at a spa or from a personal therapist. They also mimic the techniques of a professional therapist and gives you a HumanTouch feel.

Benefits of Massage Therapy Pre and Post Workouts

Many people are aware of the many benefits that massage can have on the body. Massage is linked to pain relief, lower stress levels, and an enhanced immune system.

Push ups before massage

Athletes in particular may benefit even more from a specific form of therapy, known as the sports massage.

Best done both before and after workouts, sports massage can help enhance an athlete’s performance in some different ways.

Sports Massage

There are many various types of massage therapy, and all of them benefit people in some way. In most cases, massage helps stimulate the pressure centres in the brain in a way that regular touch or sensation can’t do.

This in turn leads to a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, which can leave the person being massage feeling more relaxed, less stressed, and with a decrease in pain.

Massage is also responsible for helping to release endorphins. These endorphins play a significant role in contributing to reducing stress, enhance the immune system, and elevate mood.

Sports massage is a particular style of massage that targets athletes and the muscles that may commonly become strained or injured during their practice. Unlike most forms of massage, which are often used to help treat a condition or pain, sports massage is also used to help prevent injury from occurring in the first place.

Pre Workout Therapy

One of the benefits of sports massage lies within its ability to be performed both before and after a workout. Before a workout, sports massage may help to stretch the fibres of the muscle tissue. While an athlete can and should stretch before working out, stretching cold muscles is often ineffective, meaning that stretching alone is often not enough to get muscles limber before a workout.

At the same time, stretches may only target muscles in a single, particular direction. Continuous exercise and strength training may make muscles stiffer and less flexible. Regular massage pre-workout can help to loosen and stretch those more rigid fibres to contribute to making the workout more efficient by helping you gain a better, fuller range of motion.

Many athletes may also experience the buildup of scar tissue over time due to old injuries. This scar tissue is inflexible, which can hinder further performance. Pre workout massage therapy can help break down this scar tissue, leading to more flexibility and the preservation of a full range of motion.

Finally, massage therapy has a profound impact on the reduction of stress and the increase in endorphins. Pre workout massage can help reduce anxiety and stress in players facing a hard challenge, as well as elevating their mood to ready them for the event.

Post Workout Therapy

While using massage therapy before a workout can help stretch and warm the muscles, which makes them less susceptible to an injury, many athletes rely on post workout treatment for some different benefits as well.

A side effect of pushing yourself physically is a condition known as delayed-onset muscle soreness or DOMS. DOMS typically sets in about 12 to 24 hours after a workout, and usually reaches peak pain around 24 to 72 hours after the workout. Because it is not advised to continue exercising during DOMS, affected athletes may be forced to the sidelines during recovery.

A study ( carried out on the effects of massage on DOMS, however, has discovered that athletes who underwent 30 minutes of massage experienced less pain and swelling that athletes who did not. These athletes were able to recover faster and to return to the regular activities at a faster rate than those who did not experience post-workout massage.

Massage therapy has also been proven to be effective in relieving pain and swelling after an injury, as well as in reducing chronic pain, which some athletes may experience after years of play.

Having a massage after your workout can help relieve some of these pains, and help you to recover faster, ensuring that you can return to your sport without needing as much time for rest.

Experience Sports Massage Therapy for Yourself

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy can help athletes attain better strength, flexibility, and recovery than those who do not participate in the message. Used either pre or post workout – or both – sports massage has been proven to help athletes recover faster, have fewer instances of pain and swelling from injury, and to help them regain lost flexibility. If you’re looking for a way to help enhance your performance on the field or in the gym, try getting some sports massage therapy for yourself.

Here are some of the best massage chairs of 2017 that are worth considering.

1: New Full Body Shiatsu EC-69
2: Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair
3: Osaki OS-4000A Massage Chair
4: Authentic BeutyHealth Shiatsu Recliner
5: HT Massage Chair iJoy 2580 Recliner
6: Electric Full Body Shiatsu 06C Massage Chair
7: iRobotics 6 Ultimate Medical Massager
8: Panasonic EP1285KL Massage Recliner
9: Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair
10: Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu EC01 Chair

For above listed massage chair reviews check out Ewan’s blog.

Just think for a moment, you get back home after a hectic day at work and you have a quality massage chair waiting for you in your room. Jump on it, choose your favorite massage and dwell into the soothing and relaxing experience. Massage chairs are not only limited to vibrations or rollers. They also deliver Shiatsu massage, Swedish Massage, Tapping, Clapping and stroking techniques that helps to stimulate your body and provides an instant relief. Most of the massage chairs under 2000 in market today come with zero gravity features, air compress, airbags, heat therapy and lower body massage functions. I found that Massage Tut is providing awesome collection of massage equipment including chairs, back massager and foot massagers, you should check them out.

None the less, massage recliners are a great source of total relaxation that encourages health benefits in your body and strengthen your immune system. They increase the flow of oxygenated blood that provides relief to the stiff muscles and soothes them.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Energy Booster: Massage chairs gives you a perk of energy. They are a source of battery that energizes you and increase your productivity at work and school.

Relieves Muscle tension and Pain: Massage chairs are health care equipment and dramatically help to lessen the muscle tension and pain. They provide instant relaxation and encourages health benefits in your body.

Increase Circulation: Massage chairs stimulates your body at different areas, especially the pressure areas and help to increase the flow of oxygenated blood in your body. This relieves the aching and stiff muscles and relaxes them. Moreover, it helps to strengthen your immune system to fight against disease and invaders.

Relieves Emotional Stress: Emotional stress is quite common nowadays. Thanks to the massage chairs that helps to elevate it and prevent any unwanted depression or anxiety. It gives you a therapeutic sensation and keeps you worry free.

Posture Correction: Finally they help to improve your body posture and gives you a younger look. They mobilize the stiff muscles, adjust your spinal alignment and help to maintain a perfect equilibrium in the bloodstream.


How to Improve European Car’s Performance via Performance Tuning?

When we drive a European car, or any car for that matter, we normally crave that our vehicle renders a good performance. We expect that our vehicle gives us exceptional precision, handling and power. One of the most effective ways for the car to achieve the ultimate driving experience is performance tuning by an auto centre that offers car care, repair and maintenance.

European Car's Performance via Performance Tuning?

To tune your European vehicles, you would normally look for shops that offer high-quality parts, and provide various services for the car’s engine, suspension and steering. Following the performance upgrade, you and your car will be ready for the road. Indeed, performance tuning come with amazing benefits, such as proper and thorough maintenance, installation of brand new parts that replace the worn parts and thereby, enhance vehicle efficiency.

How Does Performance Tuning Work?

Car tuning is good for the vehicle’s engine because the procedure ensures that the components of the vehicle are given proper maintenance. The technician will check the exhaust, brakes and other parts. Old or worn components of the vehicle will likewise be removed and replaced as they can cause engine malfunction. For instance, if the car’s spark plugs and air filters are worn out, the technician will replace them with new ones.
Performance tuning also boosts your European car’s horsepower, as the process enhances the vehicles’ overall efficiency. New cylinder head bolts, for instance, need less gasoline during combustion. That is a great way to optimize the vehicle’s efficiency and power.

Always Keep Your Car Well Maintained

Proper maintenance can make your European car long lasting and ready to travel long miles ahead. When the engine components are brand new, the car will give you delightful and ultimate driving experience. Tuning is a practical and affordable way of boosting engine power, increasing fuel economy and enhancing car performance.

If you are living in Australia and are driving a European car, you are in good hands with Elite Euro which holds their service centre in Perth. The shop specialises in VW, Skoda, Audi and other German or European cars with their skilled and knowledgeable technicians. They follow the factory service schedule of auto makers and use quality parts. It is the home of quality car service for your European car.

European car owners need an auto centre that can help them take care of their vehicles, follow proper procedures and does not compromise quality work. A specialist workshop does not believe in gimmicks, special deals or shortcuts as they can cause oversight on some vital parts of the vehicle. Ones that opt not to use inferior quality parts as it could result in more car problems later.

Elite Euro understands the needs of your European car. If you need a European auto shop in Perth for performance tuning, visit them in Perth and speak to their specialists who are more than willing to listen to your car-pertinent problems. The auto service centre can advise what type of tuning and power improvement should be applied to your vehicle. You are assured they will do everything to have your car serve you better.


Do you know what an ayurvedic massage is? Surely you have heard of these types of massages but you still do not know well what they are or what benefits can lead to health.

An Ayurvedic massage is performed with hot essential oils following the guidelines set by the Ayurveda school. Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine from India. The term “Ayurveda” means “the science of life” and is a holistic system that seeks the general welfare of the person based on their dosha or constitution (vata, pitta or kapha) and their vikritis (imbalances in the dosha that produce the Illness) to adapt both the essential oils used and the pace and strength of the particular massage.


Ayurvedic medicine takes into account the interaction and balance of mind, body and spirit from the energy of the individual and seeks, through massages, to help you feel good globally.

An Ayurvedic massage is especially useful not only to relieve specific pain but also as preventive medicine, as it increases circulation, stimulates and strengthens the lymphatic system, and opens the flow of life force with the aim of cleaning and revitalizing the body. In addition, the essential oils that are used in Ayurvedic massages are very nutritious and detoxifying for the skin, helping to prevent aging and leaving it soft and shiny. On the other hand, Ayurvedic massage provides us with other benefits such as the symptomatic relief of stress and the generation of positive emotions to make us feel better both physically and mentally.

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List of 10 Best Massage Chairs

At SHA we offer several types of Ayurvedic massage to satisfy your individual needs:

  • Srotabhyanga Massage: It is the perfect treatment to remove toxins in the arterial, venous and lymphatic system and to reactivate the metabolism. It is the massage most similar to traditional lymphatic drainage and is usually concentrated in the legs. It is recommended in cases of fluid retention, circulatory problems, fatigue and excess toxins in the body.
  • Marma Massage: It is an integral massage that activates the blood circulation, strengthens the function of the brain and has a calming and relaxing effect on body, mind and soul.
  • Champi massage: it is a cranial massage that allows to enjoy and feel its effects both during and after its application. It is a hair massage that mainly serves to relieve stress and accumulated tensions. Relieves headaches, neck and back.
  • Padabhyanga Massage: This is a very traditional foot massage in India. It has a high relaxing power and is especially advised to improve headaches, reduce nervousness and eliminate problems of insomnia.
    Do you want to enjoy an Ayurvedic massage? With which of the four would you stay?

How to Kill Weeds Naturally or with Weed Killer?

Weed Killers that are safe for weeds are harmful to your garden. They can come and drown your flowers and plants, turning your garden into an unappealing wasteland. The good news is that there are products available that can kill weeds and even prevent their growth. The best of these products can help you keep your garden attractive and healthy.

Round up


Round up is one of the best known herbicides. It is also one of the highest rated to kill effective weeds. Round is a chemical herbicide classified as non-selective, which means that everything comes into contact with it will kill. Round-Up and other similar herbicides are not ideal if you want to plant in the same area where you use these products. Round up is best suited for situations where you want to eliminate all weeds and plants, especially if you want to build a sidewalk or driveway and want to prevent the growth of anything. The active chemical ingredient of Round-Up is isopropylamine salt of glyphosate, which can be harmful to pets and children, another option is to use some safe weed killers you can choose one from here When using Round-Up it is best to keep the area locked for a day if you feel it will be accessed by pets or children.

Burn weed and grass killer

Burning weeds and killer grass has the same effect as Round Up, although it is cheaper. This is non-selective and not well adapted for use in areas where it is intended to grow later. This is also a fast-work product, ideal for removing weeds that grow between cracks in sidewalks and other structures. The active ingredients of this herbicide are citric acid, clove oil and sodium lauryl sulfate. The last active ingredient is chemical and makes it insecure for children and pets.

Triple Threat Selective Herbicide

Triple Threat Selective herbicide is an effective product, particularly for resistant weed varieties such as clover and chickweed. This is a selective herbicide that can be used safely in planters to eliminate weeds without damaging your plants and flowers. Triple threat combines MCPP, 2, 4-D and 2, 4-DP. These are all chemical compounds that kill a variety of weeds, however, in concentrated ares leaves the ground safe for future planting.

Natural and organic herbicides

In addition to herbicides purchased in the store, you can use vinegar. Due to its concentration of acetic acid, vinegar can effectively kill weeds. Since acetic acid degrades in the water, avoid using vinegar if you think it will rain.

Vinegar is a safe and natural alternative to chemical herbicides
Vinegar is a safe and natural alternative to chemical herbicides

Vinegar is a safe and natural alternative to chemical herbicides. Another natural herbicide is rock salt, but as non-selective herbicides, rock salt will kill almost everything. It only needs a spray light to be effective.

Video to Kill Weeds

Massage Your Feet With Your Baby

Whenever you go to give a full body massage to your baby you must start at the feet. Do you know why and how you should proceed so that the soft pressures that you make in this area favor their development?

One of the most rewarding experiences you can give your little one is massage. This practice will make you feel much more attached to you (if applicable). For everything to go well you must …

Massage Your Feet With Your Baby

  • Choose a time when you feel happy and relaxed.
  • Take you to a quiet room, where you will not be interrupted.
  • Undress it on a comfortable surface (large bed, for example).
  • Remove the bracelets and rings so you do not scratch it.
  • Rub hands with oil to avoid giving you an impression when you touch it.
  • Ready the preparations you can start the massage. Make it always the
  • same and in the same sense: from the feet to the face. These are details
  • that many parents are unaware of and that are basic to favoring a child’s
  • bias to massage: babies are more accepting of routine activities and
  • everyone likes to touch their feet while being disturbed when they touch
  • their face or chest ( Feel more vulnerable).

Take your child’s foot, cream it and slide your thumb across the plant, from heel to fingertips. Do the same for the top. That way you stimulate the nerve endings of these areas. Then stretch the fingers one by one, to unmask them.
The next step is to rub your fingers underneath, to close them and so train your ability to grip feet to the ground.Continue to cover your foot with your hand and press it gently, while rotating with it. This way your little one will begin to intuit where the limits of its body are and you will strengthen the ankles, which will prevent that it adopts bad postures when starting to walk.
Finally, massage the other foot and then the legs, belly, chest, arms, hands, back and face. By not forgetting any area, your child will form a perfect body layout.
Foot massage is especially relaxing for the youngest, because it is stimulated by areas that, when not walking, never exert pressure. Thanks to them, babies reduce their stress level, are less irritable, and it is easier for parents to regulate their schedules.

All this, in turn, causes children to spend less calories, which translates into a rapid increase in weight. See if this is so, that there are hospitals in which they recommend to parents to massage their babies’ feet, so that they take up weight faster and can go home sooner. According to medical data, premature infants who enjoy this type of massage can gain up to 40% more weight than those who do not.

  • Some massage therapists and doctors say that foot massages help relieve stomach pain.
  • Ending the day by giving the baby a foot massage helps you sleep better.
  • Tickling them sets you up to start the day.
  • Putting one foot on top of the other and vice versa is an exercise that
  • improves your body coordination.

Lenovo will Release Chrome OS version of Yoga Book Next Year

Lenovo plans to release a version of the tablet, Yoga Book, which has impressive design and features, to work with Chrome OS next year. According to Laptop Mag, Lenovo Vice President Jeff Meredith verified plans for the Yoga Book Chrome OS flavor during an interview. The manager said that they are very interested in Chrome OS, which could be a good product for schools and students.

There are two versions of the Yoga Book currently running on Windows 10 and the other running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. When we add the flexibility of Lenovo’s software to the account, it makes sense that Chrome OS is considered an option. Google also improves Chrome OS to better support touch controls and adds the ability to run Android applications and games but not heavy games, to play heavy games, one should buy a best gaming laptops of 2017. This makes the operating system very convenient for a Yoga Book-style computer.

Lenovo says that the Laptop Mag’e Yoga Book will continue to support the “Real Pen” screen pen, one of the most important features of the tab OS version of Chrome OS. At this point, tablet owners are able to place a notebook on top of the keyboard, which is a flat and sensitive surface on a tablet, and have the opportunity to write on the paper with the pen. Received notes, made drawings are digitized with the help of software.

There is no clear time for when the Chrome OS version will come out. Despite this, Laptop Mag’e said the company wants to sell three different versions of the Yoga Book over the next year. This indicates that the product will come in a short vault. Lenovo seems to be removing the new version of the product and not waiting to offer Chrome OS support.

via: LaptopMag