How to Give a Foot Massage-Best Techniques Revealed

A foot massage is very useful to enhance the blood pressure and helps to relax the person. The foot’ areas which are tight, tender or painful may feel healthier after getting the foot massage.

Things you will need

  1. Towels
  2. Cream, lotion, cocoa butter or oil
  3. Warm water in basin or tub

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Massage the foot

  • Place a little amount of lotion or oil on your hands but that should be warm, then level the lotion on the foot because overuse of oil makes your hand more slippery that you cannot give an effective massage.
  • Grasp the foot with both of the hands in a tight manner. Firmly rub the top of the foot with the help of your thumbs. Start stroking at the tip of the toe, then move towards the ankle in a slow way. If the receiver feels any discomfort, then look for medical advice.
  • Now move back in the direction of the toe and repeat the process. You can do this process twice to provide better feel.
  • Carry on by holding the foot with the help of your hands and use your thumbs to the underside of the foot. Stroke the foot base and initiate with the tip of each toe. Move thumbs steadfastly on the way to the heel. You can repeat this step two or more times.
  • Apply the same technique on the other foot.

Massage the toe by pulling

  • Grasp the foot with one hand and hold it beneath the arch
  • Grasp the big toe with the help of your other hand, in a way that your index finger is on the bottom and thumb is placed on the top.
  • Slowly twist and drag the toe unless you reach the end of the toe. Glide thumb and index finger to the end of the toe. Repeat the method on the other toe.
  • Do the same on the other foot.

Massage the toes by sliding

  • Grasp the foot with one hand and support it at the back of the heel.
  • In between the toes, fix the index finger of your other hand.
  • Move your finger in the direction of the bottom of the toes and back on the way to the end of the toes.
  • Do again this progress at least two to three times between all toes.
  • Repeat the mentioned method, on the other foot. 


Before going for any foot massage, it is important to learn about your medical condition. It is better to have a conversation with your therapist about the treatment so it would be easy to decide that what kind of safety measures are needed during your massage therapy. It is your right to reject the treatment if you feel anything wrong at any point because it is the matter of your health. There are various health care advices for different people according to their health status.

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