Lenovo will Release Chrome OS version of Yoga Book Next Year

Lenovo plans to release a version of the tablet, Yoga Book, which has impressive design and features, to work with Chrome OS next year. According to Laptop Mag, Lenovo Vice President Jeff Meredith verified plans for the Yoga Book Chrome OS flavor during an interview. The manager said that they are very interested in Chrome OS, which could be a good product for schools and students.

There are two versions of the Yoga Book currently running on Windows 10 and the other running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. When we add the flexibility of Lenovo’s software to the account, it makes sense that Chrome OS is considered an option. Google also improves Chrome OS to better support touch controls and adds the ability to run Android applications and games but not heavy games, to play heavy games, one should buy a best gaming laptops of 2017. This makes the operating system very convenient for a Yoga Book-style computer.

Lenovo says that the Laptop Mag’e Yoga Book will continue to support the “Real Pen” screen pen, one of the most important features of the tab OS version of Chrome OS. At this point, tablet owners are able to place a notebook on top of the keyboard, which is a flat and sensitive surface on a tablet, and have the opportunity to write on the paper with the pen. Received notes, made drawings are digitized with the help of software.

There is no clear time for when the Chrome OS version will come out. Despite this, Laptop Mag’e said the company wants to sell three different versions of the Yoga Book over the next year. This indicates that the product will come in a short vault. Lenovo seems to be removing the new version of the product and not waiting to offer Chrome OS support.

via: LaptopMag

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