Massage Your Feet With Your Baby

Whenever you go to give a full body massage to your baby you must start at the feet. Do you know why and how you should proceed so that the soft pressures that you make in this area favor their development?

One of the most rewarding experiences you can give your little one is massage. This practice will make you feel much more attached to you (if applicable). For everything to go well you must …

Massage Your Feet With Your Baby

  • Choose a time when you feel happy and relaxed.
  • Take you to a quiet room, where you will not be interrupted.
  • Undress it on a comfortable surface (large bed, for example).
  • Remove the bracelets and rings so you do not scratch it.
  • Rub hands with oil to avoid giving you an impression when you touch it.
  • Ready the preparations you can start the massage. Make it always the
  • same and in the same sense: from the feet to the face. These are details
  • that many parents are unaware of and that are basic to favoring a child’s
  • bias to massage: babies are more accepting of routine activities and
  • everyone likes to touch their feet while being disturbed when they touch
  • their face or chest ( Feel more vulnerable).

Take your child’s foot, cream it and slide your thumb across the plant, from heel to fingertips. Do the same for the top. That way you stimulate the nerve endings of these areas. Then stretch the fingers one by one, to unmask them.
The next step is to rub your fingers underneath, to close them and so train your ability to grip feet to the ground.Continue to cover your foot with your hand and press it gently, while rotating with it. This way your little one will begin to intuit where the limits of its body are and you will strengthen the ankles, which will prevent that it adopts bad postures when starting to walk.
Finally, massage the other foot and then the legs, belly, chest, arms, hands, back and face. By not forgetting any area, your child will form a perfect body layout.
Foot massage is especially relaxing for the youngest, because it is stimulated by areas that, when not walking, never exert pressure. Thanks to them, babies reduce their stress level, are less irritable, and it is easier for parents to regulate their schedules.

All this, in turn, causes children to spend less calories, which translates into a rapid increase in weight. See if this is so, that there are hospitals in which they recommend to parents to massage their babies’ feet, so that they take up weight faster and can go home sooner. According to medical data, premature infants who enjoy this type of massage can gain up to 40% more weight than those who do not.

  • Some massage therapists and doctors say that foot massages help relieve stomach pain.
  • Ending the day by giving the baby a foot massage helps you sleep better.
  • Tickling them sets you up to start the day.
  • Putting one foot on top of the other and vice versa is an exercise that
  • improves your body coordination.

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