Pokémon Go for the Apple Watch is on its way

Niantic, developer of Pokemon Go, announced that Apple is working on the game’s Apple Watch app in September. However, despite the fact that three months had elapsed, the fact that the practice had not yet begun created both frustration and rumors that the project had been canceled. Niantic Labs, who responded to these statements with a clarification, announced that it was continuing to work on the Pokemon Go Apple Watch application.

The rumors of the project being canceled were spread over an email shared via Reddit. In the alleged e-mail from Niantic, it was stated that the application had been abandoned due to lack of interest. Later on in other circles other news appeared based on anonymous sources and confirming this claim.

However, the final statement from Niantic seems to cut off all of these rumors. According to the company’s recode sent to Recode site, the e-mail shared in Reddit is forged and does not reflect the truth. In addition, a message was posted saying that Pokemon Go will be releasing the Apple Watch version of the game soon via the official Twitter account.

Pokemon Go Apple Watch application will not be complete

Pokemon Go’s Apple Watch app will not be a “full-fledged” app. However, players will be able to perform some simple actions without removing their phones from their pockets. In addition, some statistics can be checked through the application. Through the application it will be possible to collect from PokeStop, see how far to walk to crack the egg, and check how close to the next level it is.

Source: Recode.net

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