Going Mobile with Portable Massage Chairs

As a qualified massage therapist, no one has to tell you the many benefits that chair massage can bring to your clients. Chair massage can be quick, done anywhere, and can help relieve some issues from pain in the back, neck, arms, and wrists. Whether you own your table, or you work for an establishment, there are many benefits for you also to invest in your portable massage chair as well. Check out my previous post about best massage chairs if you don’t want a portable one.

Increased Opportunities

Nearly everyone loves a good massage, but few people have the time to fit regular massages into their busy schedules. There are countless people who would benefit from having access to even sporadic massages, who otherwise go without simply do to missed opportunities. By investing in a portable massage chair, you gain the ability to target this group of people.

Massage chairs are portable, which means that you can travel with them to sites where people may not otherwise have access to a massage. And even if you own your table, and transport it to people’s homes or workplaces, chairs open up, even more, possibilities for a few reasons: People do not have to undress, or even partially undress for their massage, which means that you can set up in more public areas, rather than private settings.

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Chairs take up a lot less space, so you can work in areas that it might be harder to set up a table.

Chairs are easier to transport, frequently weigh less than tables, and can be set up and broken down in less time.

With a portable massage chair, you’ll be able to reach more potential clients, either giving them a one-time massage, or converting new customers into regulars once they experience the benefits that your chair massage brings to them.

New Business Opportunities

In addition to being able to offer massages at one-time venues and events, as well as visiting parties or other private events, having a portable massage chair can offer you a new business opportunity as well.As a massage therapist, you have several avenues for making a living and spreading the benefits of massage. You can work for an establishment, a doctor’s office or clinic, travel with a table to private homes, or you can set up a new type of business with a portable massage chair.

More and larger corporations and smaller companies are beginning to see the benefits that massage can bring to their employees.

The research is showing that employees who are massaged – including chair massage – have much lower stress levels, as well as less pain in their necks, backs, and wrists. Employees who spend most of their day sitting in front a computer are at risk for numerous stress health concerns and repetitive stress injuries, which can result in lower productivity and missed work days.

These same employees who are massaged at least weekly show dramatically lower stress levels, which in turn translates into higher productivity in the workplace. To this end, more and more companies are beginning to hire massage therapists to visit their work sites at least once a week to offer their workers a chair massage.

Having a portable massage chair enables you to target this population, giving you a new business opportunity that you may have been missing out on before. Even if you intend to continue working in a therapist’s office, or visiting private homes, you can reach a lot more people and spread the word about the benefits of massage by also working for one or two companies just once a week with a portable massage chair.

Convert the Weary

While most people are entirely convinced of the many health benefits that massage can bring, there does remain a small population who are less convinced. It’s difficult to convert these people because one of the most commonly cited reasons is one of modesty; some people may feel too vulnerable on the massage table to relax and enjoy the massage thoroughly.

For this subgroup of would-be clients, offering a chair massage can be the answer. They can begin to relax and reap the benefits that only a massage can bring, without the vulnerability that can accompany a first-time massage experience.

Consider Adding a Portable Massage Chair to Your Equipment

As a massage therapist; you undoubtedly believe deeply in what it is that you do. With a portable massage chair, you gain the opportunity to not only grow your business but to also reach countless people who might not otherwise receive the benefits that massage therapy can bring. Consider investing in a portable massage chair for your business and see where these new opportunities take you.

List of 10 Best Massage Chairs

Nowadays, our lives are fast paced and we hardly find time to take a moment of relief and relax ourselves. However, the best way to overcome this situation it to have a good massage chair at home that can provide relief to your mind and body from all day’s long stress and tension. Not only they help to ease the anxiety and stress but also deliver a professional massage that feels even better than the one at a spa or from a personal therapist. They also mimic the techniques of a professional therapist and gives you a HumanTouch feel.

Benefits of Massage Therapy Pre and Post Workouts

Many people are aware of the many benefits that massage can have on the body. Massage is linked to pain relief, lower stress levels, and an enhanced immune system.

Push ups before massage

Athletes in particular may benefit even more from a specific form of therapy, known as the sports massage.

Best done both before and after workouts, sports massage can help enhance an athlete’s performance in some different ways.

Sports Massage

There are many various types of massage therapy, and all of them benefit people in some way. In most cases, massage helps stimulate the pressure centres in the brain in a way that regular touch or sensation can’t do.

This in turn leads to a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, which can leave the person being massage feeling more relaxed, less stressed, and with a decrease in pain.

Massage is also responsible for helping to release endorphins. These endorphins play a significant role in contributing to reducing stress, enhance the immune system, and elevate mood.

Sports massage is a particular style of massage that targets athletes and the muscles that may commonly become strained or injured during their practice. Unlike most forms of massage, which are often used to help treat a condition or pain, sports massage is also used to help prevent injury from occurring in the first place.

Pre Workout Therapy

One of the benefits of sports massage lies within its ability to be performed both before and after a workout. Before a workout, sports massage may help to stretch the fibres of the muscle tissue. While an athlete can and should stretch before working out, stretching cold muscles is often ineffective, meaning that stretching alone is often not enough to get muscles limber before a workout.

At the same time, stretches may only target muscles in a single, particular direction. Continuous exercise and strength training may make muscles stiffer and less flexible. Regular massage pre-workout can help to loosen and stretch those more rigid fibres to contribute to making the workout more efficient by helping you gain a better, fuller range of motion.

Many athletes may also experience the buildup of scar tissue over time due to old injuries. This scar tissue is inflexible, which can hinder further performance. Pre workout massage therapy can help break down this scar tissue, leading to more flexibility and the preservation of a full range of motion.

Finally, massage therapy has a profound impact on the reduction of stress and the increase in endorphins. Pre workout massage can help reduce anxiety and stress in players facing a hard challenge, as well as elevating their mood to ready them for the event.

Post Workout Therapy

While using massage therapy before a workout can help stretch and warm the muscles, which makes them less susceptible to an injury, many athletes rely on post workout treatment for some different benefits as well.

A side effect of pushing yourself physically is a condition known as delayed-onset muscle soreness or DOMS. DOMS typically sets in about 12 to 24 hours after a workout, and usually reaches peak pain around 24 to 72 hours after the workout. Because it is not advised to continue exercising during DOMS, affected athletes may be forced to the sidelines during recovery.

A study (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1250256/) carried out on the effects of massage on DOMS, however, has discovered that athletes who underwent 30 minutes of massage experienced less pain and swelling that athletes who did not. These athletes were able to recover faster and to return to the regular activities at a faster rate than those who did not experience post-workout massage.

Massage therapy has also been proven to be effective in relieving pain and swelling after an injury, as well as in reducing chronic pain, which some athletes may experience after years of play.

Having a massage after your workout can help relieve some of these pains, and help you to recover faster, ensuring that you can return to your sport without needing as much time for rest.

Experience Sports Massage Therapy for Yourself

Sports Massage
Credit: csp.org.uk

Sports massage therapy can help athletes attain better strength, flexibility, and recovery than those who do not participate in the message. Used either pre or post workout – or both – sports massage has been proven to help athletes recover faster, have fewer instances of pain and swelling from injury, and to help them regain lost flexibility. If you’re looking for a way to help enhance your performance on the field or in the gym, try getting some sports massage therapy for yourself.

Here are some of the best massage chairs of 2017 that are worth considering.

1: New Full Body Shiatsu EC-69
2: Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair
3: Osaki OS-4000A Massage Chair
4: Authentic BeutyHealth Shiatsu Recliner
5: HT Massage Chair iJoy 2580 Recliner
6: Electric Full Body Shiatsu 06C Massage Chair
7: iRobotics 6 Ultimate Medical Massager
8: Panasonic EP1285KL Massage Recliner
9: Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair
10: Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu EC01 Chair

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Just think for a moment, you get back home after a hectic day at work and you have a quality massage chair waiting for you in your room. Jump on it, choose your favorite massage and dwell into the soothing and relaxing experience. Massage chairs are not only limited to vibrations or rollers. They also deliver Shiatsu massage, Swedish Massage, Tapping, Clapping and stroking techniques that helps to stimulate your body and provides an instant relief. Most of the massage chairs under 2000 in market today come with zero gravity features, air compress, airbags, heat therapy and lower body massage functions. I found that Massage Tut is providing awesome collection of massage equipment including chairs, back massager and foot massagers, you should check them out.

None the less, massage recliners are a great source of total relaxation that encourages health benefits in your body and strengthen your immune system. They increase the flow of oxygenated blood that provides relief to the stiff muscles and soothes them.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Energy Booster: Massage chairs gives you a perk of energy. They are a source of battery that energizes you and increase your productivity at work and school.

Relieves Muscle tension and Pain: Massage chairs are health care equipment and dramatically help to lessen the muscle tension and pain. They provide instant relaxation and encourages health benefits in your body.

Increase Circulation: Massage chairs stimulates your body at different areas, especially the pressure areas and help to increase the flow of oxygenated blood in your body. This relieves the aching and stiff muscles and relaxes them. Moreover, it helps to strengthen your immune system to fight against disease and invaders.

Relieves Emotional Stress: Emotional stress is quite common nowadays. Thanks to the massage chairs that helps to elevate it and prevent any unwanted depression or anxiety. It gives you a therapeutic sensation and keeps you worry free.

Posture Correction: Finally they help to improve your body posture and gives you a younger look. They mobilize the stiff muscles, adjust your spinal alignment and help to maintain a perfect equilibrium in the bloodstream.

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